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More than just inspiration and whimsical reflections, this area of the blog will (hopefully) give you some actual advice that you can use!

Eight things I learned about freelance writing from people who make movies

In a long ago and faraway time (2010) I went to a Q&A session hosted by Women-in-Communications Detroit Chapter, featuring three panelists active in Michigan’s movie-making industry. I realize “Michigan’s movie-making industry” sounds like an oxymoron. But for a few years, we tried to plump our sagging economy by luring film makers to Michigan. In […]

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6 ways for easily distracted writers to stay focused

With all the social media distractions, it’s hard to focus on tasks that require your full concentration – especially one such as writing. Top that off with a touch of ADD and it’s even tougher. Here are six ways that have helped me stay focused on writing. Note that there’s nothing particularly new here…but we […]

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Five ways to help you write the ending

Sometimes, writing the ending to a paper is the most challenging part. Why is that? Maybe we feel that’s where we need to make our grand point. Or, we owe the piece a tidy conclusion. Sometimes, we lose confidence in all that we wrote prior. If you do struggle with writing the ending, here are […]

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