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Five ways to help you write the ending

Sometimes, writing the ending to a paper is the most challenging part. Why is that? Maybe we feel that’s where we need to make our grand point. Or, we owe the piece a tidy conclusion. Sometimes, we lose confidence in all that we wrote prior.

If you do struggle with writing the ending, here are a few ideas to help you successfully end your paper.

1. Let it simmer. Sometimes, your brain just needs a rest. It can’t think anymore. It’s out of creative juice. So put the paper aside for as long as you can (depending on the deadline) and let your brain refresh itself. After a day or two, sometimes the ending comes. Sometimes in the middle of the night.

2. Go back through the piece and look for threads. Earlier references can provide clues to a satisfying ending. Maybe they are metaphorical, maybe they are anecdotal, maybe they are humor-based. Whatever, there are frequently clues within the paper that, if you put your analytical hat on, can help you write an ending that works.

3. Be brave enough to say what you really meant to say in your paper. Don’t chicken out. Reveal your true feelings on the topic if that’s called for. Don’t be afraid to express your point-of-view. Then say it how you would say it, not how someone else would say it.

4. Call or e-mail a trusted writer friend or relative, someone who enjoys reading and writing. See if they have time to review your paper and make suggestions. Sometimes an objective opinion will help you draw the most logical conclusion and write an ending that works for your paper.

5. Relax. Sometimes, you just can’t worry about the perfect ending. Maybe it’s not going come and a decent ending will have to suffice. This is great comfort for those of us that get caught up in perfection. It doesn’t have to be perfect! But it does need to make sense.

How do you handle endings?

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